Meet FireStop

Our engineers and designers are committed to fostering innovation that keeps communities safer.

Our Story

Our first responders put their lives on the line each day to protect the communities they serve. They deserve access to today’s cutting-edge technology so they can operate safer, more efficiently and more effectively.

Several years ago, we were exposed to the fast-paced world of firefighting. Responding to working structure fires, serious motor vehicle accidents and complex rescues, we were struck by the outdated technology our firefighting professionals relied on to do critical tasks. Recently, we have seen game-changing software emerge for other aspects of public safety, enabling our law enforcement counterparts to predict serious crimes, locate dangerous gunfire and more. We are dedicated to delivering similarly game-changing software for firefighting.

At FireStop, we are passionate about improving emergency response and life safety. Our engineers and designers work tirelessly to keep communities better protected by harnessing the power of mobile software and data analytics. Through carefully-designed interfaces, seamless data integrations and deep contextual processing, we extract life-saving insights from legacy data, unstructured data and real-time events.

We certainly have our work cut out for us as we rethink and reinvent outdated firefighting software. More importantly, though, we are honored to have the opportunity to work with leading experts in the fire service and apply what we are best at - data and design - to help them do their jobs better.

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Our Platform

When managing a fire emergency, a single decision can make or break the entire operation. In order to successfully balance the safety of their firefighters with the effectiveness of their operations, fire incident commanders must have a wide variety of accurate and up to date information ready at their fingertips. FireStop is an iPad based cloud-based response software that helps firefighters share critical response information and leverage data in real time to better protect lives and property.

FireStop aids responders before, during, and after a call to save precious time in the event of an emergency. Before a fire happens, our cloud-based platform significantly reduces “pre-planning” time and increases the scope of data available to firefighters. During an emergency, our iPad app gives firefighters the ability to access and share critical information - fire truck locations, hydrant locations, satellite imagery, StreetView, building construction, access points, hazard locations - in real time. After a call, our proprietary “Firelytics” algorithms help departments analyze responses to better anticipate future emergencies.

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