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Our goal at FireStop is to help save lives and property and make firefighting a little easier.

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Reduce time and effort needed for effective pre-planning

  • Elimiate dependency on complicated GIS and database software
  • Build powerful pre-plans through the iPad's familiar touch-based interface

  • Improve data access and sharing

  • With our cloud platform, all data is accessible with an iPad or computer at any time, removing the need for databases, servers, and networks
  • Seamlessly share inspection, incident and reporting data throughout your department so firefighters have it when they need it

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    Consolidate your data and software

  • Drastically reduce internal resources and work needed to manage complex IT solutions
  • Easily have your data imported for you from any format, including GIS layers, Excel, Access, Microsoft database files, SQL databases, and many more
  • Increase situational awareness and operational effectiveness with StreetView, satellite imagery, extensive structural pre-plans and hazards, all synthesized in one location.

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    Leverage critical information out in the field

  • Complete building pre-plans, including precise locations of knox boxes, alarm panels, utility shutoffs, hazards, and more
  • Interactive maps provide access to hydrant data, real-time traffic, routing, satellite imagery, StreetView and floor plans, when available

  • Better coordinate operations in real time

  • Instantly share locations, waypoints and photos with other responders
  • Accountability management allows resource tracking in real time, including locations, arrivals, and assignments

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    Utilize advanced analytics

  • Record geo-based call and response information
  • Timelines visually track and record response times and other tactical markers
  • Analyze response time, call data, resource management data, and building and site conditions for pattern recognition, incident anticipation and operation improvement

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    the next evolution in firefighting.

    One platform. Consolidated data. Beautiful interfaces. Powerful analytics.
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