The world's first end-to-end, cloud-based system that helps you
take your fire data from inspection all the way through to the fire ground.

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Join the Next Evolution in Firefighting

Our goal at FireStop is to help save lives and property and make firefighting a little easier.

Easier Data Management

Our genuine cloud-based platform enables you to manage your data anytime, anywhere with our mobile app and online member center. No more building complicated databases, confusing spreadsheets or time-intensive GIS maps. Our tap-to-plot interfaces will take pre-planning time from days to hours.

Pinpoint exact hydrant locations and track expected water flow. Our color-coded system allows you to mark great hydrants to use first and flag hydrants to avoid altogether.

Our location-based pre-planning extends to structures as well. No longer waste time writing and trying to decipher ambiguous descriptions ("first floor near main entrance"). Simply tap to plot important locations - KnoxBoxes, FDCs, alarm panels, hazards, utilities - on satellite imagery and floor plans so they can be quickly located in the heat of the moment.

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Faster Emergency Response

Our mobile app gives firefighters quick access to everything they need to know while en route to and on scene at emergencies. Designed with the incident command in mind, FireStop provides only the most mission critical data in one intuitive interface.

  • Utilize call locations, hydrant locations, and routing to arrive on location faster.

  • Share apparatus locations and drop tactical waypoints in real time to improve coordination.

  • Increase situational awareness and operational effectiveness with StreetView, satellite imagery, extensive structural pre-plans and hazards, all synthesized in one location.

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    Smarter Analytics

    Through our smart algorithms and thorough data analysis, let us help you identify at-risk spots in your jurisdiction to anticipate the next emergency, and notice patterns in call types, locations and time of day. Using our call review system, examine past responses to better train and be prepared for the next big one.

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